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Project Management

Advance your skills and knowledge of Project Management to ensure your bright career in the professional fields of the world by enrolling Project Management online course. Inspire London College offers you a comprehensive course in project management with the aim to enhance your expertise and skills of the concerned discipline that will boost your professional career. The course is designed to equip the learners with the basics of project management and its scope along with the techniques to plan a project effectively.

Inspire London College’s Diploma in Project Management will facilitate the candidates in their professional fields to be more productive and more effective. The course of Project Management offered by Inspire London College is designed under the supervision of highly skilled professionals and will act as a source of extensive knowledge of this field.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is interested in the discipline of project management or wants to establish a successful career in this field of study can be the part of Project Management Online Course.  Without any prior knowledge in Project Management the learners can take this course and in addition to this there are no age restrictions. Thus anyone who is passionate and ambitious about project management can take the course. There are no specific dates or deadlines for admission and you can enrol anytime on this course.

What is Project Management?

Project management is a process of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing of a work with in specified time duration and budget. The purpose of the project management is to achieve the specific goals without any delay in a work.

The discipline of project management is considered as crucial in different industries such as construction, IT, Telecom etc. Different businesses and industries around the world hire the qualified project managers for the achievement of some specific goals. As a result, the courses of project management are also in a great demand by the learners.

Becoming a project manager can be exciting for the learners and they will be able to start their career in different organisations but their key roles and responsibilities will remain the same during the supervision of a project. Key roles and responsibilities of Project Managers include the estimation of project (costs and time duration), dividing a project into milestones and long-term objectives, effective analysis of project life cycle, complete control of a project, risk analysis, establishing effective communication system, taking measures for the health and safety of worker and report production after the successful completion of a project.

Learning Objectives

The content covers the key topics such as time, quality and risk management in a project, team management and establishing an effective communication system in a project in depth. Additionally, learners will be delivered with study materials accordingly to enhance their understanding of the course including the tutor support from Inspire London College.

The job of a project manager is highly dynamic and multi-directional, therefore, proper knowledge and skills are indispensable for leading a project. This Course in Project Management will offer the learners to attain the required certificates and skills which are the basic requirements of hiring.

Career Opportunities

In contemporary business world, the business processes of the organisations whirl around the different short-term and long-term projects and for thriving achievements in their project they hire the project managers. After learning the Inspire London College course in project management the candidates will be able to qualify for a number of career paths such as construction project manager, IT project manager, marketing manager, social media managers, environmental project managers, health and safety project managers, data base administrator and chief operational officer.

Membership of Project Management Institute (PMI) or Association of Project Management (APM) offers you expanded career opportunities in various organisations. With Inspire London College’s certification learners will be able to start a promising career in any contemporary business and implement their theoretical knowledge into a project.

Salaries of Project Managers around the world differ greatly, in UK the project manager’s average salary is around £35,000 and with greater experience and knowledge some are earning up to £60,000 mark. Salaries may vary due to different job positions and business sector but overall the project managers are earning a handful amount to live a better life.

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