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Accounting and Finance

The terms of depreciation, balance sheet, cash flow, operating cash and budgets are the terms that flinch many of us. However, all of these terms are the important concepts of accounting and the person, who desires to be the asset in the current business organisations by playing an effective role, must have the comprehensive knowledge of these concepts.

Accounting plays a key role in the modern businesses by facilitating internal and external stakeholders with correct financial information to take effective business decisions. Its significance cannot be ignored in organisations as it assists in management and financial accounting. The fundamental purpose of the accounting studies is to evaluate the information that is required by the stakeholders to assess the financial position of a firm. The managerial aspect of accounting is concerned with the evaluation of valuable information for business owners and other stakeholders while financial accounting deals only with financial information that is required for the financial performance of a company.

Learning Objectives

Inspire London College’s online Accounting and Finance Diploma provides the learners an inclusive knowledge of accounting and finance with a basic concept of the management.

The course takes you from the very basics to advance level. Initially, it introduces the discipline of accounting and finance and accelerates towards the accounting and finance concepts and terminologies. Furthermore, the course proceeds with the role of accountant, its responsibilities and significance in the contemporary business including the preparation of key financial reports and the process of budgeting. Students will be able to understand the process of investment and how to prepare investment appraisal.

Who should take this course?

This course is idyllic for those learners who are seeking to track a career in accounting and finance or want to improve their accounting and financial skills to retain at job position.

Career Opportunities

After successful completion of the course, students will be capable to utilise their new skills and knowledge of accountancy in different job roles. Specific job roles that are offered by the organisations are financial advisor, financial accountant, accounting manager, and bookkeeping etc. Additionally, the learner with enough knowledge, skills and certification in this course can start his own business of accountancy or can work as a private consultant.  Salaries of the accountants differ greatly on the basis of their job roles, knowledge and experience.

Inspire London College is exclusively dedicated to provide its recognised endorsed courses learners worldwide. Inspire London College’s Diplomas in Accounting Finance can provide the candidates with a better way to start their career in this field of Accountancy.

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