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Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Inspire London College (ILC) is fully committed to offering the learners a wide range of supply chain and logistics management courses. These courses are aimed to offer the learners to achieve the desired goals of starting a promising career in the field of supply chain and logistics management.  

These courses will provide a comprehensive introduction of this discipline will prepare the students to develop the essential skills and knowledge for establishing a fascinating career in supply chain management.

Who is this course for?

Inspire London College’s Course in Supply Chain Management has been designed specifically for the four type of audiences.

  • Learners exploring an astonishing career in supply chain management but they don’t have prior knowledge of this field of study.
  • Secondly, people working in logistics and supply chain management and they want to enhance their skills and knowledge further according to the modern requirements of this field.
  • This course suits you the learners who want to know that how the things move in a supply chain and want to know the complexity of supply chains.

All these learners can take this course fearlessly because it will give you the idea of supply chain and logistics management, various tools and techniques of supply chains and in addition to this it will also elaborate the managerial aspect of field in which learners can learn the basic management activities such as planning, organizing and controlling along with the inventory, transportation, and distribution.