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Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Inspire London College (ILC) is fully committed to offering the learners a wide range of supply chain and logistics management courses. These courses are aimed to offer the learners to achieve the desired goals of starting a promising career in the field of supply chain and logistics management.  

These courses will provide a comprehensive introduction of this discipline will prepare the students to develop the essential skills and knowledge for establishing a fascinating career in supply chain management.

Who is this course for?

Inspire London College’s Course in Supply Chain Management has been designed specifically for the four type of audiences.

  • Learners exploring an astonishing career in supply chain management but they don’t have prior knowledge of this field of study.
  • Secondly, people working in logistics and supply chain management and they want to enhance their skills and knowledge further according to the modern requirements of this field.
  • This course suits you the learners who want to know that how the things move in a supply chain and want to know the complexity of supply chains.

All these learners can take this course fearlessly because it will give you the idea of supply chain and logistics management, various tools and techniques of supply chains and in addition to this it will also elaborate the managerial aspect of field in which learners can learn the basic management activities such as planning, organizing and controlling along with the inventory, transportation, and distribution.

What is Supply Chain and Logistic Management?

Supply chain and logistics management is new emerging field of study which is becoming a vital part of modern businesses. Organizations around the world are continuously seeking to improve their supply chains to attain a competitive edge.  It includes the complete process from product development to the final delivery of the product to the consumer. Modern supply chains are the backbones of world’s global trade system. It is a common saying in existing business environment that the firms do not compete but their supply chains do.

Modern organizations are competing on the basis of their supply chains thus extending the scope of supply chain and logistics management around the world. This newly evolved field is constantly offering astonishing careers to learners and in future an impressive growth in this sector is truly expected. For the sake of competitive edge, organizations recruit the skilled professionals with abilities to effectively perform their functions in organizational supply chain.

Learning Objectives

Inspire London College’s online Diploma in Supply Chain Management will offer the learners a complete insightfulness of modern supply chains and their role in the development of business. This course will facilitate the learners with an opportunity to explore the basic concepts of supply chain management, its developing role and significance in the business operations. The course will elaborate the key activities of logistics, operation of inventory management, warehousing, and managing procurement including the management of manufacturing operation and logistics management deeply. The learners will be able to recognize the role of logistics in an effective supply chain along with implementation of its modern techniques.

Career Opportunities

AS the concept of supply chains has been embedded deeply in modern organizations, therefore, the supply chain and logistics manager work in various kinds of industry such as manufacturing, services, defence, energy, and aero spacing. Large firms, as well as small and medium enterprises, also hire supply chain managers for proper supervision of their supply chains. The major roles that can be performed by the learners after successful completion of the certificate include, supply chain managers, inventory managers, procurement managers, logistics manager, logistics supervisor etc. they are also responsible for making recommendations to the firm for better supply chain management.  In the UK a supply chain manager can earn £40,000 annually and this salary range can be further enhanced after experience while the inventory managers are earning a salary of £40,000 – £60,000 at an annual basis.

Inspire London College is exclusively dedicated to provide its learners worldwide recognise courses. Inspire London College’s Diploma Supply chain and Logistics Management can provide the candidates a better way to start their career in this field of supply chain.

Contact Us

For further information about the course or any question please contact our friendly admissions team today on +44 (0) 20 7101 9543, or email us at info@inspirelondoncollege.co.uk.


Supply Chain and Logistics COURSES

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    Yes, please keep me updated with upcoming
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