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Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy (Part 1)


Level 3


CPD Accredited Course


Step Ahead CPD Qualifications


1 Day (10 am – 5 pm)


Classroom Based Training


Certificate Included
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Part 2: Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session
Live Blood Session/Live Blood Session:
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Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy is a CPD accredited course designed to provide you with the practical skills and knowledge required to undertake a career in this area. Inspire London College takes pride in its excellent teaching methods, ensuring that our students fully understand what they are doing.

The phlebotomy training course is divided into two parts, which must be passed to be awarded the CPD Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy.

Part 1 – Theoretical + Practical phases of Phlebotomy using ultra-modern simulation equipment.

Part 2 – Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session.

This phlebotomy training course (venipuncture training) is specifically designed for beginners with no previous clinic experience. Still, it is also appropriate for professional clinicians who have never participated in phlebotomy training.

Phlebotomy Training for Non-medics

Anyone with a medical or non-medical background can take this course.

You will learn an introduction to Phlebotomy and techniques with theoretical importance. Also, you will learn practical phases of Phlebotomy using ultra-modern simulation equipment.

Initially, the learners will perform the different procedures collectively in a group; later on, the learners will be assigned a partner for different role plays. During these activities, the learners will be provided with ultra-modern equipment such as dummy arms with accurate blood systems and Venipuncture Pad.

You will be taught how to take blood samples, use equipment such as a syringe and needle, and safe disposal of medical waste, including looking after your health.

Course Outline

Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy is a 40 CPD Credits accredited certificate by the UK recognised awarding body Step Ahead CPD Qualifications.

Part 1 – Theoretical + Practical Session (ultra-modern simulation equipment)

Unit 1: Introduction to Phlebotomy

  • Introduction to Phlebotomy
  • Role & Responsibilities of the Phlebotomist
  • Understand the Phlebotomy in Medical Terminology
  • Phlebotomy equipment & how to use it
  • Explain the procedure of Venepuncture & Capillary Sampling, and the most common


Unit 2: Infection Control & Legal issues in Phlebotomy

  • Understand the infection types and various methods to prevent and control in in healthcare setting
  • Explain How to ensure the health and safety at the workplace to perform the venepuncture
  • Understand Legal Issue in Phlebotomy and their implications for phlebotomist
  • Understand Elements of Quality Assurance in Phlebotomy


Unit 3: Applying Basic Phlebotomy Skills and Techniques using ultra-modern simulation equipment

  • Applying hand washing techniques in the healthcare environment
  • Using precautions for infection prevention and control
  • Applying tourniquet
  • Applying Cannulation techniques & venepuncture
  • Applying Basic Phlebotomy Practices and Technique


Part 2: Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session


Unit 4:   Applying Advanced Phlebotomy Skills and Techniques (Advanced Practical Session) in Clinical Atmosphere

In the Advanced Practical Session, you will learn the Phlebotomist role in the pathology department, NHS /Healthcare Provider’s professional standards, codes of practice, policies and procedure. Also, you will shadow the trained phlebotomist & will perform live blood collection under one-to-one supervision and learn how to label different sample tubes and much more.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE, allowing you to work without close supervision as a phlebotomist.

The date & time for Part 2 (Advanced Practical Session) will be set on the day of the Part 1 training.

Note: You need to book Part 2/Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session separately.


Learners pursuing to enrol for the level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy should meet the following conditions:

    1. A genuine desire to study and succeed
    2. Be age 17 years or above
    3. Solid knowledge of the English Language
    4. Working Knowledge of Information Communication Technologies for studying online, i.e. Internet, Microsoft Office

Learning Objectives

After the successful completion of this course, the learners will be able to understand the infection control principles during the process of phlebotomy. Further, the learners will be able to recognize and acquire the capabilities mentioned in the CHS132 National Occupational Standard for performing the phlebotomy. The course will enable the students to handle the vacutainer system for collecting blood samples. In addition to this, the learners will be able to understand the various complications that can be encountered during this process.


  1. Certificate of Attendance

Upon completing Part 1, you will receive an attendance certificate from Inspire London College.

  1. Certificate of Competence

Upon completing Part 2, you will receive a competence certificate which will allow you to work without close supervision as a phlebotomist.

  1. CPD Accredited Certificate & Transcript

Upon completing Part 1 & Part 2, students will receive a CPD Accredited Level 3 Certificate of Completion (Certificate and Transcript) within 10 working days.


  • All the certificates are valid for 2 years from the issue date.
  • Certificate prices are included in the course fee.

What Learners Like About Phlebotomy Course at ILC

Thank you for the lovely study day. Everything was done by you and your trainers in a very professional manner. I gained a new skills and knowledge which will certainly help me in my new career as a phlebotomist. Thank you very much and keep up the veery good work.
Kind regard
Cornel Fieraru

Dear Mr Khan,
I enjoyed taking this new experience and have gained more knowledge. I believe I am confident to take a practical and it has been very helpful.
Thank you for the excellent training and hospitality.

Ariana Kohestani

Dear Mr Khan
I had my part 2 training last Saturday and I was so happy with the outcome. Yasmine was so amazing with the way she guided and supported me during the training.  Her techniques of training and beliefs in me really did make me want to impress her even more. I am so happy that I made the best decision to choose Inspire London college to do my phlebotomy course, thank you very much for everything.
Also, I just wanted to ask if you can let me know or put me on the list for work experience with Yasmine if it comes available, I really need it to improve my skills and I am very determined to found a job after all this..I have also done my health and safety test if you can please send me the certificate. Once more thank you very much for everything.

Kind regardCornely Mulumba

Dear Mr Khan

Thanks for the Fantastic course. Your trainers are not only knowledgeable, but they go beyond and above the expectations. They make sure that you have an understanding of all the content, a mock quiz to check on understanding and knowledge is a plus point and up to date resources. I am extremely happy and will recommend this course to others. Thank you


HI ILC TeamThank you for the brilliant course. I enjoyed learning in class and gained more knowledge in phlebotomy that I am going to apply to my workplace.

N. Kohaestani 

Dear Sir I really like the course. Trainers delivered good knowledge to students, very well trained staff. I will recommend to my other colleges and workplace at NHS.

Kind regards


Dear ILC Team, Brilliant trainers. Well informative and outstanding delivery of the course. I like to way of training as the trainers not only teach the phlebotomy but beauty aesthetics and process as well as extra.


Dear ILC Trainer(s), I have attended the best training of my life. I did not know that I would have this extensive training and learn every single bit of phlebotomy knowledge in one day. It was good well-informed and very well delivered by both trainers. I can not wait to attend my Part 2 Practical training and be competent to take blood.

Rose Hutchful – HCA

Dear ILC Team, An excellent and friendly team of professionals.  I learned a lot about the course (more than I expected). Professionalism is very high. Excellent teaching skills used, not boring at all. Trainers kept my attention. Good interaction by the trainer Jasmin. She has given me the confidence to take blood.

Rosemarie Hall 

Dear ILC,I have attended informative, interactive training by skilled trainers in a friendly environment. Highly Recommend.  

J Kovaces

Dear ILC Team, Thank you for the phlebotomy course for theoretical and practical sessions. A very professional team. The course as very relevant to my job and will help me in most of the aspects of my work.

Thank you so much really like the very enthusiastic course. The instructor gave me all the important information. I am very glad about this.

Marzanna Wasilewska

Hi Team,Thank you very much. It is excited for me to systematise the practical knowledge of blood taking.


Dear ILC Team.I really like the member of staff and their approach that is very professional. The excellent learning environment and I have gained the skills more than I expected. Refreshment all day and lunch was great hospitality and respect. I would defiantly recommend this course to friends and family. Can’t wait to book Part 2 (practically training). Thanks, & regards

Mr M Rahim 

Hi ILC We covered a lot during one day. Gained excellent knowledge and skills. Highly recommend.

Dr. NR


Excellent Course. The delivery of the course was concise and easy to understand.

Josphen Blackword

I have enjoyed the course and learned the necessary skills. Jasmine is a very nice and professional trainer. She helps me a lot while doing practical sessions. Thank you so much. See you very soon for my Part 2 training.


Hi Yasmin,

The course was very detailed and intensive. Yasmin, you were very helpful in my practice sessions. You have given me the confidence and encouraged me to practice more and take the blood sample.

A Falana 

I am finding your online phlebotomy course quite interesting. I am planning to book your course “Phlebotomy Training” class-based training soon. Do you have any planned training dates for March 2020? Best


I have really enjoyed the course and it is a very convenient way of studying at Inspire London College. It is a good opportunity to get a level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy. Inspire London College offer course by the awarding body and I think that I have invested my monies at the right place. I am very grateful to Inspire London College.

— Victoria 

Dear Mr. Khan
First of all, I wanted to thank you so much for providing very good training for Phlebotomy. You were the first person on call to build up my encouragement to go ahead to do this training and reassured me that everything will be fine. I remember how you had answered all my questions and concerns, giving me the confidence to book the training without any doubt. The best outcome of the training that you have provided a very TALENTED Phlebotomist Trainer Yasmin. The handouts provided were very good and also having a small group was a bonus. Today if I am a qualified Phlebotomist all credit goes to my part 2 phlebotomy trainer for believing in me and supported me throughout. I have no words to express my feelings and highly recommend Yasmin without a doubt.
Kind regards

 S Sheikh

Good Evening,
I hope you are well.
Thank you very much for it my certificates. I was very pleased to see them!
I was wondering if there has been any update on the training experience, you and trainer were setting out to provide.
Look forward to hearing from you. 

Kind regards,

— Zoe 

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