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Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment (Leading to CSCS Green Card) + Exam


Ofqual Regulated


ETA Awards


120 min + Exam


Online Self-Paced





Ofqual Regulated


ETA Awards


120 min + Exam


Online Self-Paced



Working in construction is not for everyone. It’s a physically demanding job that involves heavy lifting, exposure to toxic materials, dangerous equipment and situations, extreme weather conditions, and more. While these are all valid reasons why construction workers may need special training or supervision, accidents happen that will inevitably affect you as a worker if you’re not careful. Therefore, you should always complete your risk assessment before starting your new role.

Why do construction contractors require labours/workers to hold health and safety qualifications or CSCS green cards?

Construction companies require employees to have a green card so they can trust them to work safely on construction site. The CSCS green card allows organisations and construction managers to know that you come with a set of solid knowledge and experience when it comes to becoming a site operative. It will then ensure that the workers they hire are adequately managed when on-site and ensure that they will be safe. CSCS green cards also come down with inspections that ensure the company meets specific standards before being allowed onto sites and ensures no illegal immigrants are putting themselves at risk by working in unsafe conditions without proper protection.

Why Inspire London College course?

Our interactive video-based online course is designed to help you manage health and safety risks. This course includes 2 hours of high-quality interactive video training in total. The course layout is focused on teaching visitors the essentials of construction safety with no fluff to distract.

We’ve found that a well-designed interface is a key to keeping users engaged and entertained while learning the essential skills that will keep them safe on site. With videos and clear messaging around why each step is vital, we’re confident this course will teach you what you need to know without being overwhelming or difficult to follow.

This course is designed to help you better understand the risks you may face on a construction site, how to minimise those risks, and what to do in the event of an accident or injury.

Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course teaches about construction site hazards with a specific focus on:

• Hazards on the various levels of construction sites
• Protective clothing required for different areas on site
• Correct use of tools to reduce accidents

This Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment E-Learning course aims to work in the construction industry. It is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of work-related health and safety risks and includes information about keeping safety in mind when working with others. In addition, the course provides an understanding of risk control methods, including recognising potential hazards, following safety procedures for handling certain situations, monitoring and evaluating performance indicators to identify trends, preparing for emergencies and disasters, utilising personal protective equipment (PPE), and how to conduct site-specific risk assessments.


The online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment E-Learning course can be used by any construction professional interested in improving their knowledge of health and safety hazards in the workplace.

Whether you are a newcomer to the construction industry or are currently working within the sector and would like to gain qualifications, this course is ideal for both. Those working in a managerial position or as a supervisor will train the labours and acquire knowledge of legislation. At the same time, small firm owners can learn how to manage health and safety in the workplace. Therefore, this course is suitable for everyone interested in health and safety in construction environments.

Comprehensively illustrated with diagrams and photographs, this course thoroughly explains hazardous substances, machinery operation and maintenance, safe work practices, environmental concerns and standard industry legislation. The presentation is designed to be easy to follow. This online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment E-Learning course is interactive with quizzes that provide instant feedback following each activity.

Course Outline

1st Module: Introduction

2nd Module: Hazards, Risks, Assessments, and Controls

3rd Module: Slips, Trips, Falls, and Working at Height

4th Module: Manual handling

5th Module: Plant, Machinery, and Noise

6th Module: Respiratory Risks

7th Module: Fire, Electricity and Gas Safety

8th Module: Chemicals and Other On-site Hazards

9th Module: Vehicles, PPE and General Safety


Learners pursuing to enroll for this course should meet the following conditions.

1. Be age 16 years or above.
2. Solid knowledge of English Language.
3. Working Knowledge of Information Communication Technologies for studying online i.e. Internet, Microsoft Office.
4. A genuine desire to study and succeed.

Who is This Course For?

Are you new to the construction industry or already working on construction sites and wish to apply for a Regulated Qualification/CSCS Green Card?

This level 1 health and safety in construction environment course is aimed at new entrants interested in a career in the construction sector. It provides core knowledge needed for a safe and healthy workplace, with instructions on enforcing what has been learnt. It will also provide you with essential tools and skills to work safely on-site, as well as for instructions on how to develop your action plan. As you embark on this life-changing course, we hope it meets your needs so that you can achieve your goals.

This course is for you if you work in the construction sector and want to improve your skills. This course is delivered via a blended learning approach that combines online learning with video sessions. The online system provides practical information whilst video sessions equip you with the tools, techniques and practical understanding needed in the workplace.

Are you a labour, looking to get a green card? Apply for this Health and Safety in Construction Environment Course now! This course will explain everything that you need to know about the safety protocol of the construction zone. Health and Safety in Construction Environment course will lead you through the facets of construction safety, which is essential for all workers. This course is required for green card applicants or individuals who wish to work in a construction zone.

What if you are a project supervisor who wants your subordinates to learn the health and safety? This course is designed for supervisors of construction sites and other work environments where management is assigned to train employees under their supervision in health and safety practices. The training will be provided to all employees who are not currently qualified or have limited qualifications.

The course aims to cover all types of contractors, from those who use subcontractors for their work, or as sub-contractors themselves, to operatives who need work on-site and supervisors who have responsibility for health and safety within their workforce. It also provides information for self-employed tradespeople such as plumbers etc.

The total duration of course video content is 1 week – 12 Months, it does not include the time taken to read, analyse and attempt the quiz or conduct any other research.

Learner can access the Learning Platform 24/7. The time period to complete the course depends on the learner’s pace and the time dedicated for training. Though the course is self-paced, but learner will be given maximum period of 12 Months from the date of enrolment. Learner may request for extension but, ILC holds the right to close/lock the course after completion of 12 Months.


There are two (2) assessments for this course:

Assessment 1: The MCQ’s test which be taken during the course

Each module is followed by a 3-5 Multiple Choice Questions. You will have the option to review the video content as often you like and submit the test once you are satisfied with the answers. The minimum pass score is 80% and you will have three attempts to get the pass. Once a course is successfully passed learner will be only able to download the feedback and can book the Online Invigilated Exam.

Assessment 2: Online Invigilated Exam

On passing the Assessment 1 of the course, Learner will contact the ILC Admission team, who will assign the invigilated exam to learner. Online invigilated exam can be completed at a time chosen by the Learner. Learner will require a computer and webcam to take this test. The exam will be invigilated throughout the session via screen share, webcam footage and microphone audio.

Once the Test rules and instruction are understood, the learner will take the online exam (single attempt only) which will be invigilated by a tutor through a webcam.

In the case, you are unsuccessful in the exam, you need to pay £100 for the Accredited ExamLevel 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Re-sit fee.


This course is Endorsed by ETA Awards. A globally recognized qualification for learners around the world.


Accredited Certificate By Ofqual Regulated Awarding Body ETA awards:

After completion of Assessment 1, Learner will be able to book an online invigilated exam. The accredited certificate will be issued after the completion of Assessment 2.

On successfully passing the online invigilated exam the accredited certificate will be sent to learners from Awarding body within 5-7 Working Days.

In the case, you are unsuccessful in the exam, you need to pay £100 for the Accredited Exam Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Re-sit fee.

After receiving the Certificate candidate can then apply for the Green Card (CSCS Touch screen test is also required)

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