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Part 2 – Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy (Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session


2nd Part of Level 3


3 Hours (10 AM to 01 PM)


Step Ahead CPD Qualifications




Practical Training at GP Clinic


Certificate of Competence

Date & Time for Part 2 (Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session) will be set on the day of the Part 1 training.


Part 2 – Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session.

It is designed to equip the learner with the practical skill to work on real patients under the supervision of an experienced phlebotomist. This session is also envisaged to provide the learners with a Phlebotomist role in the pathology department, NHS /Healthcare Provider’s professional standards, codes of practice, policies and procedures, label different sample tubes, and much more.

Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy is a CPD accredited course designed to provide you with the practical skills and knowledge required to undertake a career in this area. Inspire London College takes pride in its excellent teaching methods, ensuring that our students fully understand what they are doing.

Course Outline

Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy is a 40 CPD Credits accredited certificate by the UK recognised awarding body Step Ahead CPD Qualifications.

Part 2: Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session

Unit 4:   Applying Advanced Phlebotomy Skills and Techniques (Advanced Practical Session) in Clinical Atmosphere

Learners will shadow the trained phlebotomist/experienced trainers at the start of the session, and the trainer will let the learner take blood under the supervision and the patients’ consent. Learners will gain the following during the session:

  • Phlebotomist role in the pathology department
  • NHS /Healthcare Provider’s professional standards
  • codes of practice
  • live blood collection under one-to-one supervision
  • labelling different sample tubes


Learners pursuing to enrol for the level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy should meet the following conditions:

  1. Part 1 of Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy from Inspire London College
  2. A genuine desire to study and succeed
  3. Be age 17 years or above
  4. Solid knowledge of the English Language
  5. Working Knowledge of Information Communication Technologies for studying online, i.e. Internet, Microsoft Office


The assessment will be made through observation. The trainer will closely guide and observe the trainee while performing live blood draw and collection.

Who is this Course for?

Part 2 (Advanced Practical Session/Live Blood Session) of Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy is designed for learners who took Part 1 to learn the practical skills in the GP Clinic under the supervision of a highly experienced trainer.

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  1. Certificate of Competence

Upon completing Part 2, you will receive a competence certificate which will allow you to work without close supervision as a phlebotomist.

  1. CPD Accredited Certificate & Transcript

Upon completing Part 1 & Part 2, students will receive a CPD Accredited Level 3 Certificate of Completion (Certificate and Transcript) within 10 working days.


  • All the certificates are valid for 2 years from the issue date.
  • Certificate prices are included in the course fee.