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Demand of Door Supervisor Course

If you are a person who is conscious about working in neat and clean uniforms, then, in my opinion, the shortest possible and easiest way is to get a door supervisor jobs. The UK’s private security industry is flourishing rapidly under the new regulations of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It’s a statutory organization responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK. People residing in the UK must have heard the term doo supervisor. The terms security guard or door supervisor area used interchangeably because a door supervisor can also work as a security guard for the same organization. The IBIS report recently depicts that the UK’s security industry is proliferating, and thousands of individuals are now seeking to start their careers as door supervisors. Still, most people are not entirely aware of the job role of a door supervisor. These are the questions that may tap your mind while thinking about the door supervisor jobs.

  • What is the role of a door supervisor?
  • How do I become a door supervisor?
  • What are the qualifications required for a door supervisor?
  • Do I need a door supervisor course?
  • How do I get SIA door supervisor training and SIA door supervisor license?

If I am right, relax, just take a cup of tea and read carefully because I will answer all the questions you may have about the SIA Door Supervisor course or the SIA door supervisor license.

In the UK, as per of 2019, the reports issued by SIA, there were 361,309 door supervisors across the UK. London has the highest ratio for door supervisor jobs while Manchester is second. The expected growth in SIA jobs is 2% for 2022 in the UK. Now, let’s get straight to the questions that are pinching your mind.

Who is the door supervisor, or what is the role of a door supervisor?

First of all, and in simple terms, a door supervisor is responsible for security checks at the entrance of pubs, clubs, concerts, restaurants, and other licensed premises. The door supervisor searches for underage people entering illegally at a venue to look for weapons and drugs, inspects tickets, welcomes the guests, and guards the VIPs. There is the slightest difference between door supervisors and security guards in the UK because door supervisor license holders can work where alcohol is served. In contrast, security guards are not allowed at these places.

How do I become a door supervisor?

The job role of SIA door supervisor looks easy, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need any door supervisor training or door supervisor course. Under UK’s law, an SIA license is necessary for a door supervisor, and how do you get this license? To become a door supervisor, you will need a door supervisor course or door supervisor training that can help you get an SIA license for a door supervisor. In the UK, you will need a Level 2 Award for Working as Door Supervisor (Level 2 Certification of Door Supervisor). This qualification is linked with the SIA door supervisor license.

Where do I get the door supervisor course?

There are various training institutes; some are online and some are class-based trainings available for the learners to enrol for door supervisor course. London is considered a leading city for door supervisor jobs therefore door supervisor course London is in great demand for the learners. In the UK, the demand for door supervisor course is increasing gradually, but before enrolling for a course, ensure that;

  • Door Supervisor Course is offered by an institute is regulated and recognized by SIA
  • Your training provider of Door Supervisor is partnered with the accrediting body
  • Check the list of accrediting bodies of SIA door supervisor course in the UK

After completing this research, purchase a class-based training or online course of a door supervisor. Remember that CPD door supervisor courses are of no value because you are not eligible for a door supervisor license from SIA by getting a CPD door supervisor certificate.

What are the qualifications required for the door supervisor course?

As mentioned earlier, that door supervisor job requires level 2 qualifications. Most people don’t know about SIA training requirements. In my networking circle, most people inquire about how to become a bouncer UK (an old or traditional term for door supervisor) and the qualifications required for a door supervisor course and license. For getting a door supervisor course, you don’t need any specific qualification requirement and you must be over 18 to enrol for a door supervisor course.

What are the skills that I will require?

The job of a door supervisor requires a diverse type of skill set. In my opinion, security is an essential skill you will require for becoming a door supervisor. Other essential skills may include communication, report writing, customer service, first aid knowledge, responsible and alert, tactful and diplomatic, confidence, critical thinking etc. The following chart will explain the different skills and their importance for the door supervisor job role.

What are the requirements of SIA Door Supervisor License?

For SIA Door Supervisor license, there is a need for Level 2 Qualification in door supervision approved by SIA. You should be above 18 years and have Criminal Record Bureau Checks for getting a license. If you have a criminal record, there might be some difficulties getting SIA door supervisor license, especially when you have convictions or warnings that need a trial. SIA also considers the seriousness of offences before approving a license in some cases. Various people don’t know how long an SIA license works? Once you have got the license of door supervisor, you will need to renew the license after three years. For licence renewal, you don’t need any additional qualifications.
Previously, most employers preferred the candidates having first aid training. But recently, FAIB has made it compulsory for SIA license to get first aid training. Thus, to resolve this issue, you can enrol for a first aid course for security officers or seek a local training provider of door supervisor course with first aid.

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