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Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a layout intended to direct an individual through his/her career, education, relationship, and life improvement endeavours. Personal development is a process of improvement and self-actualisation. Look at this way that why one needs to develop his or her self? The answer is that it is the nature of human that they seek improvement in each and everything. This could be environment, social life, relationship, and their selves.

For the sake of development, one can follow different means such as blind efforts and directed efforts. It is observed that directed efforts tend to be more fruitful than blind efforts as there is a fundamental path that needs to be followed. In case if an individual gets deviated from that path, he or she can readjust the focus. That is the situation where Personal Development Plan comes into action.

It is really helpful for the identification and development of skills. Personal Development Plan helps to reveal and equip with the required skills to accomplish desires. For example, if an individual wants to be a human resource manager, he or she needs a basic understanding of business administration and human resources. He or she can develop a plan for personal development by identifying what is required for success, such as knowledge of business management, planning how to acquire that skill or trait such as getting a diploma or degree in business management. He or she will then execute the plan and review where he or she is standing.

Personal Development Plan could be formal or informal; one can pen it down in the form of a curriculum vitae and can have it in mind. This plan could be of different duration, of a year or two and for a decade(s). I am currently serving as manager of strategic planning and want to make my way as a top human resource manager and development trainer. So, I got a plan both that are written and in my mind; pursuing a postgraduate qualification in human resource management and adopting personality traits that will help me achieve my dream.