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Beauty Therapy and Saloon Management

Online course of Beauty Therapy and salon management with Inspire London College can be completed from home easily. In this there is no specific time frame to complete this course, a candidate can access the course from anywhere easily. Beauty Therapy and Salon Management course give learner knowledge of the beauty treatments and develop their skills as a beauty therapist. This course provides great information and knowledge to a candidate to perform their business with enough confidence for working as an independent salon. This course provides learners with a great understanding of a range of techniques and methods needed to offer professional treatment.

Beauty Therapy and Salon Management

Salon management and Beauty Therapy are considered as two separate fields but Inspire London College trying their level best to satisfy their customers by providing them two courses under one Course price. ILC Beauty Therapy and Salon management take candidate business toward growth, some of the important topics in this course is about the management of salon, hiring and training of employees, facial techniques and methods and essentials of client psychology.

Learning Objectives

Inspire London College’s Online Diploma Courses in Beauty Therapy and Salon Management will offer the learners a complete insightfulness of beauty therapist and their role in the development of Salon business. These courses will facilitate the learners with an opportunity to explore the Techniques and methods of Professional facial and management of the salon.

The course content will elaborate on the key activities of Beauty therapist and their activities on the workplace and management of the salon. Provide understanding with the professional makeup process by using the equipment of salon to determine the satisfaction level of customers. The learners will be able to recognise the role of Beauty therapist in an effective service regarding makeup, facial or hair treatment with modern techniques.

Who should take this course?

Inspire London College’s Courses in Beauty Therapy has been designed specifically for the four type of audiences.

Learners exploring an astonishing career in Salon management but they don’t have prior knowledge of this field of study.

Secondly, people working in Salons and they want to enhance their skills and knowledge further according to the modern requirements of this field.

These courses suit the learners who want to know that how the things that how much important is to treat hair and facial and want to know about complexity in professional makeup.

All these learners can take Beauty Therapy and Salon Management courses fearlessly because it will give you the idea of Face and Hair treatments and management. Various tools and techniques of Beauty Therapy in addition to this it will also elaborate on the basic aspect of skin glow and makeup techniques.

Career Opportunities

As the concept of beauty therapist has been embedded deeply in modern organisations, therefore, the Beauty Therapist works in various kinds of industry such as salons, parlours, etc. Large Salons, as well as small and medium Salons and Parlours, also hire salon managers for proper supervision of their Salon. The major roles that can be performed by the learners after successful completion of the certificate include Beauty therapist, professional makeup artist, professional facial massager and hair carer.

Contact Us

For further information about the course or any question please contact our friendly admissions team today on +44 (0) 20 7101 9543, or email us at info@inspirelondoncollege.co.uk.



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    Yes, please keep me updated with upcoming
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