Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher, said, “Knowing others is intelligence and knowing yourself is wisdom, Mastering others is strength, and mastering yourself is true power”. This famous quotation seems quite relevant for the individuals who did not know that what is personal development? The concept of personal development refers to an enduring process that facilitates the individuals to assess themselves, their goals, and up-skill to accomplish a higher potential. The concept of personal development allows individuals to take charge of their actions and be proactive in their lives.

Life has a purpose, but it cannot give you knowledge, opportunity or success on a silver platter unless you put your efforts in the right direction or for a specific aim. When the aim in life is decided, you can devise a plan to accomplish this aim, which will be called personal development. Thus, in simple words, personal development is a process that enables you to improve your skills to accomplish something more significant in your life.  When you are getting closer to your target, you are developing yourself, and even if you are unable to accomplish your aim, it will improve your skills and knowledge. Personal development contributes effectively to your maturity, satisfaction and success. Most people around the world fortify their personal development skills to reach their goals, and this can be done through education, mentoring, coaching and self-help. Personal development skills are the qualities that facilitate you to grow both professionally and personally. Understanding and improving the skills like communication, interpersonal skills, analytical and managerial skills will maximize your potential.

From a student’s perspective and especially for the fresh graduates the personal development is quite important because it prepares them for their professional life and contributes positively to employability. Personal development is a lifelong process, and most of the time, the results of personal development do not show up instantly, and your need to wait for a longer period of time. Personal development is quite important for everyone because if you are not getting better in life, then you are getting worse. The areas of personal development can be different for individuals, but most of the personal development goals fit into five areas which are health, relationship, finance, career and spirituality. Before starting personal development planning, it is necessary for you to get enough motivation because it is time taking process, and you should exhibit patience to earn the final outcomes. Don’t ever compare yourself with others while carrying out self-development; just focus on your strengths, weaknesses, available opportunities and build the areas that need attention. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy the personal development journey and will be able to get desirable results.

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