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Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance


Level 4


Endorsed Course


Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)


360 Guided Learning Hours


Online Self-Paced


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To understand the world of accounting and finance the Inspire London College offers you Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance that will facilitate the learners to recognize the importance of accounting and finance discipline in the modern business world. As each industry and business requires professional accountants for managing their financial resources thus the requirement of accounting and finance professionals is very high in the contemporary business world.

As the demand of professionals in the discipline of accounting in finance, therefore, Inspire London College has prepared this course specifically for the learners who are thinking to start their career as an accountant.

Course Aims
For achieving success and organizational goals effective management of financial resources is necessary and managing the financial activities within an organization entirely depends on the professional accountancy teams. In the modern business world, the organizations require highly skilled professionals to oversee, track and control all the financial matters of the company. For this purpose, they require professional accountants and accountancy teams to handle financial issues.

Inspire London College’s Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance has been outlines the overarching knowledge of the accounting and finance. The purpose of this level 4 diploma is to take the learners from an initial stage of accounting and finance to a higher level for understanding the financial activities of an organization. The course begins with an in-depth introduction of accounting and the role of accountants in modern organizations. As after taking this module student will easily understand the job role and responsibilities of modern accountants. At initial stages of the course, the learners will be delivered with the basic concepts of accounting and finance and they will be introduced with the different terminologies commonly used in the field of accountancy. The course content will give a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and standards that are needed to be followed in the modern business world. Further, the students will be introduced with the key financial reports such as Profit a loss account, balance sheet, and cash flow statement (CFS) and they will be able to understand and evaluate these key reports for any type of firm. Further, the course will demonstrate the different accounting and finance technique for analyzing the financial situation of a company. In addition to this, effective management of finance, working capital and how to evaluate the investment appraisals will be taught during the course. As budgeting is also an important process in modern firms and it is a primary responsibility of accounting and finance department, therefore, the course will also provide the learners with a comprehensive overview of the budgeting process and they will be able to prepare a budget for an organization. In addition to this, another purpose of the course is to produce the qualified professionals that will be able to pursue a membership in Association of International Accountant and Association of Chartered Accountants with our accredited course in accounting and finance.

What’s included?

The following is included for online study with Inspire London College
• Course materials that include lecture notes, practical applications with real-world examples, and case studies that challenge you to apply your knowledge
• Assessment resources accessible through our online learning platform 24/7.
• A professional one-to-one tutor to provide all-inclusive assistance throughout the course via email.
• The success rate of this course is 100% as it is skills focused and assignment based course.
• Flexible online learning process without any deadlines.
• Upon successful completion, students will receive an *Endorsed Certificate* from Ofqual recognize awarding organisation.

Course Outline

Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance is 90 credits Endorsed Course. To achieve a Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance learner must have to achieve a minimum of 9 units with 90 Credit.

Mandatory Units

• Basic Understanding of Accounting
• Accountant role and responsibilities
• Understanding to Profit and Loss Accounts
• Limitation and Advantages of Journals and Subsidiary Book
• Basic Understanding to financial Reports
• Basics of Business Budgeting
• Importance of Working Capital
• Understanding to Ratio Analysis
• Identification of Investment techniques


Learners pursuing to enroll for this course should meet the following conditions.

1. Be age 16 years or above.
2. Solid knowledge of English Language.
3. Working Knowledge of Information Communication Technologies for studying online i.e. Internet, Microsoft Office.
4. A genuine desire to study and succeed.

Who is This Course For?

This Course provides the knowledge that will enable you to:

• Understand the basic concepts of Accounting and Finance
• Identify the roles and responsibilities performed by accountants in modern organizations
• Develop clear understanding to profit and loss statement to enhance effectiveness.
• Understand role of journals and subsidiary books in organization and able to consider their advantages and limitations
• Prepare and analyse different type of accounting standards and their use in financial reports
• Understand role of ratio analysis in financial accounting
• Understand investment and their benefits with identification of different investment techniques.
• Tools and techniques of budgets and budgetary control
• Functions of financial accounting and its scope in modern business environment

Upon successful completion, students will receive an *Endorsed Certificate* from ** an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation **


Assignment based course.No formal exam at the end.


Inspire London College Offers Endorsed Courses by Training Qualification UK (TQUK) under TQUK Endorsed Provision.

TQUK Endorsed Provision
This means that Inspire London College has designed and developed its courses and has go through an external quality check by Training Qualification UK (TQUK) to ensure that the ILC and the courses it offers, meet the high standards quality criteria.

Training Qualification UK (TQUK)

TQUK is an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation, providing a wide range of vocational qualifications to FE Colleges and private training providers.

TQUK is an Awarding Organisation recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in England, CCEA Regulation in Northern Ireland and by Qualifications Wales. TQUK offers qualifications which are regulated by Ofqual and, in some cases, by CCEA Regulation and/or Qualifications Wales, sit on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and are listed on the Register of Regulated Qualifications.


Upon successfully passing the Course  Learner needs to pay for Certificate of Completion from ILC (either in PDF format or Hardcopy) or Endorsed Diploma from TQUK (Hardcopy).

Certificate of Completion (PDF format) = £37

Certificate of Completion (Hardcopy) = £50 + postage charges £15 = £65

Endorsed Diploma from Awarding Body TQUK (Hardcopy) = £99 + postage charges £15=£114