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Golden Rules of Construction Management

When it comes to construction, people think of buildings, and it is right too. All the construction whether it’s some square feet of house or a sky scrapper, are based on three golden rules of construction management. First is doing things professionally, second is risk planning, and third is monitoring and control. Let’s us discuss what the construction management is.

construction management
construction management


Construction management is a process of planning, designing, implementing, and monitoring activities involved in construction. We are already familiar with these construction management activities and we perform them in a way that it feels like a simple task. For example, consider a person standing on a bare land, and imagining a house on it, yes, this is a sort of planning. He or she is not sketching it on a paper, but the person is planning it in mind. But what is the problem here? Why have we pulled out this discussion of 3 golden rules of construction management? What we want to say here? Well, these 3 rules are crafted by the construction industry experts, who have been in the field of construction from decades. These industrial experts include construction project managers, construction supervisors, construction contractors, architects, and civil engineers. Let’s us see, what they had said in this regard.

Doing things professionally:

Preliminary rule from list of golden rules of construction management is doing things professionally. This rule states that whether the construction project is small or big, you are required to execute the construction project in a professional way. That means you should plan it properly, hire concerned human resource, arrange required equipment, and perform adequate documentation.

Risk Planning or Management:

Risk is everywhere, it is there irrespective of the scale of the construction project. It is present in the small construction project as well as in the sky scrapper construction project. Though risk is managed in large construction project then what is the need for this emphasis? Well, risk management should be performed by considering the worst-case scenario. In construction project, some risks have less chances to occur but have severe impact if happens. That’s why, considering the worst case and having a mitigation strategy in stock will always help with handling construction projects irrespective of the scale.

Keeping track of things in construction management is termed as monitoring and taking charge of things or retracking is referred as controlling. This aspect of the construction management ensures the success of the construction project or its failure. If you leave the construction project on its own and don’t monitor it, chances of project failure are high.

Monitoring and Control:

According to the construction experts, project delays cost more than the real cost of the project. The fluctuating prices and project delays can result in construction cost overrun.

Take Away:

Construction Management could be very fruitful when performed with proper care and it can turn out as a nightmare if things go out of control. If you are the one who is interested in the field of construction management are already employed in construction domain, you can reap best out of it if you pack distinctive construction management skills.

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